Financial Lease

When you want a new car you can choose to lease a car. OccasionLease offers the possibility to lease an occasion through a financial lease. With this form of leasing, the car immediately becomes your property.

What is Financial Lease?

Financial Lease is a form of leasing. At Occasion Lease these are always used cars. The car is, as it were, bought on installment. When you buy a car, it is paid off by a monthly amount. This does not include road tax, insurance and maintenance. These costs will be for your own account. The car is directly your property in this form of leasing. Financial lease is possible for private individuals, but also for entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Financial Lease

Leasing a car brings several benefits. This differs whether the agreement is entered into in the private or business area. Namely:

For individuals
  • All cars are available immediately
  • Cars are delivered to your home
  • You are the economic owner of the car immediately
  • At the end of the term, the car is yours
  • No major investment when purchasing a car
  • Fixed duration, fixed low interest and fixed monthly amount
  • This amount can be used as a down payment • Your current car can be exchanged.
When you, as an entrepreneur, use a financial lease, the benefits are the same as for private individuals. However, you still have other benefits, namely:
  • Monthly interest and depreciation costs are tax deductible
  • Right to investment deduction
  • No maximum mileage
  • Can be done without addition (ask for the possibilities)

Financial Lease at OccasionLease

OccasionLease has a choice of more than 300 occasions. You have submitted your application within 3 steps. Due to our fast processing, we strive to provide a definitive answer within 24 hours about the approval of your application. This makes leasing a used car even easier!

Curious as to whether you are eligible for the financial lease of an occasion? Contact our lease specialists!