50/50 Deal

Choosing a 50/50 deal is becoming increasingly popular. However, for many it is not yet clear what it means. We are happy to explain it to you.

What is a 50/50 deal?

A 50/50 deal is seen as a deferred payment. If you choose a 50/50 deal you pay 50% of the amount on delivery of the car. The remaining 50% are paid monthly. This is seen as a financing contract. With OccasinLease the remaining 50% is paid through a financial lease.

Use a 50/50 deal

If you want to use a 50/50 deal you must go through a number of procedures.  You can take advantage of this deal if you do not have too many costs for living and / or outstanding debts. These have determined the guidelines for the provision of consumer credit.

Choose a 50/50 deal

Are you considering  a 50/50 deal? Just like all other forms of financing, choosing this form of financing entails risks. Namely, a certain interest rate is paid on the remaining 50% amount. If the car is stolen, the car must then also be paid off.  Entering into this form of financing is a form of borrowing and is registered with the BKR.

However, this form not only has disadvantages and it also offers advantages to opt for this deal. So on delivery you only have to pay 50% of the purchase amount upon settlement and not the entire amount. You also determine the duration of the remaining 50% that you must pay. During this term you pay a fixed monthly amount at a fixed interest rate. Finally, no other costs are added.

Do you want to use this deal? Feel free to contact us or drop by our showroom.