Privately owned occasion leasing

Leasing an occasion as a private individual with OccasionLease offers you a choice of more than 300 occasions and a quick settlement. You have submitted your application in 3 steps and we aim to provide you with a definitive answer within 24 hours. But of course there are even more benefits that we can offer you.


Financial Lease as a private individual

To be eligible as a private individual for leasing an occasion you must meet a number of conditions. You can read these conditions on the page lease terms.  For example, it is important that you are insured of a fixed income so that you can meet your monthly payment obligation.

But leasing an occasion also brings you many benefits as a private individual:

  • We can deliver all cars directly.
  • We can deliver the cars to your home.
  • You are the direct economic owner of the car.
  • At the end of the term, the car is your property.
  • You do not have to make a large investment when purchasing the car.
  • You have a fixed term, a fixed low interest rate and a fixed monthly amount.
  • You can trade in your current car and use this amount as a down payment.

What to keep in mind

We will carefully review every request. Do you currently have a negative BKR registration? Then you are not eligible for leasing an occasion. Negative registrations from the past have no influence on your application.

Even if you receive benefits or if you do not have a permanent contract, there is still a chance that your application will be rejected. If in doubt you can of course contact us.

The monthly amount you pay for leasing an occasion does not include road tax, insurance and maintenance. The advantage of this is that you can choose a party that you feel comfortable with and that is close to you. You also retain the claim-free years that you have accrued.

If you are still studying, you may only lease with Occasionlease if your parents have also taken a look.
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