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As an entrepreneur you naturally have enough costs that you have to take into account. Financial Lease of your company car (s) ensures that the costs are reduced. You then lease an occasion for a business at an attractive fixed monthly amount. Business lease of an occasion naturally brings benefits but there are also a few things that you should take into account.

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Lease conditions for an entrepreneur

Naturally, different conditions apply for an entrepreneur than for a private individual. On the page Lease terms you can see what we are looking for.

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Benefits of financial leasing for entrepreneurs

Leasing a second-hand car as an entrepreneur is very attractive. Financial Lease is an excellent option especially for starting entrepreneurs and self-employed people without employees. The car is at your company’s debit and the financing is on the balance as credit.

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  • Your new car will be delivered quickly. It can be delivered to your home or business address.
  • You are the immediate economic owner of the used vehicle.
  • At the end of the term the used car is your property.
  • The interest and depreciation costs are deductible every month.
  • You are entitled to an investment deduction.
  • You are not bound to a maximum number of miles.

Is leasing an occasion without figures also possible?

This is no problem at all at Occasion Lease Totaal. We understand that the hire purchase of your desired used car is an accessible option when you, as a self-employed person, want to lease an used car. With us you are at the right place to lease an occasion without showing any figures.
We trust you as a customer and apply this policy to help entrepreneurs move forward. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of taking out an occasion lease business contract.

Do you pay VAT when leasing a business occasion?

When you lease a business occasion with us you always pay VAT, just like with your other business expenses. You will receive this VAT back with your next tax return. The entire VAT amount is directly collected upon purchase of your lease car. The monthly amount is therefore exclusive of VAT. With us it is also possible to drive a business lease occasion as a margin car. This means that you do not pay VAT on this car and therefore cannot reclaim it.

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We like to provide you with the best service!

Signing an occasion lease business contract is very easy with us! If you have any questions about the possibilities, our offer or how Financial Lease works, we are at your service!

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