Financial leasing of a used car

Leasing a used vehicle offers many advantages. Not only as a private individual, but also for entrepreneurs it is an excellent choice. At Occasion Lease Totaal we are happy to help you on your way and provide you with information and the ideal financial lease occasion! In addition, you will benefit from our favorable financial lease construction. This means you can buy a car on credit without any small print!

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Advantages of financial leasing

At Occasion Lease Totaal we work with financial lease. Also called buying on installment. This means that, after paying a down payment, you pay off your car monthly and at the end of the ride you are the owner of your financial lease occasion. Together with you, we draw up the contract for a lease-purchase car, so you will not be faced with any unexpected surprises. Do you want to keep the monthly costs low? Then you can trade in your current car or make a down payment!

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Purchase a car on credit for your business?

Financial leasing a used car is ideal for business drivers. It is not necessary to make a large investment and your financial lease occasion is quickly available. There are also various financial benefits such as:

  • Favorable rates for entrepreneurs
  • Investment deduction
  • Interest and depreciation costs are deductible on a monthly basis

An excellent choice for you as an entrepreneur!

Business occasion leasing


Financial leasing for individuals

Looking for a used car? You will find one in our range! Thanks to our financial lease construction, also called rental purchase, you can pay for your new used car in installments. We also guarantee a fast service, so you will soon have your financial lease occasion at your disposal. Before you can hit the road, it is important that you are aware of the lease terms. These conditions are set to protect you as a consumer against possible future financial problems.

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Get on the road quickly with your financial lease occasion!

At Occasion Lease Totaal we have a wide range of used cars. These are purchased at a sharp price, which ensures that our financing rate is very attractive. In addition, we have various makes, models and price categories. Have you had your eye on one of our used cars? Then we will do everything to get you on the road as soon as possible!

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  • Get your car immediately thanks to our fast service.
  • The new used car is your property.
  • The remaining value of the car is yours after the financial lease period.
  • Home delivery in the Netherlands is also possible.
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