Financial lease terms

At Occasion Lease Totaal we work with financial lease, or purchase on installment. This means that, after paying a down payment, you pay off your lease monthly and at the end of the contract you will be the owner of your used car. If you can make a down payment, for example by trading in your current car, there is a greater chance that your application will be approved. Of course, it is important that you meet our lease terms and conditions. You can read these conditions on this page.

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What is financial leasing?

A financial lease contract offers possibilities. In agreement with you, we draw up a contract with a fixed monthly amount that will run between 12 and 72 months. So you always know where you stand! When the contract ends, it means that you are not only the economic, but also the legal owner of the car. We would like to explore the possibilities with you!

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Lease terms for customers

We use various lease terms when purchasing an occasion. This is to protect our customers from any future financial problems. One requirement that is obvious is a valid driving licence. But let this not be the only requirement. For both our business and private customers, we have drawn up various conditions in the lease contract. We would like to summarise them for you!

When can I lease a used car as a private individual?

Employment with an employment contract

If you are employed under an employment contract for a year (or longer), or for an indefinite period.

Temporary employment agency or secondment agency

If you are working through a temporary employment agency or a secondment agency, you can lease from us.

AOW pension and/or supplementary pension

If you receive AOW and/or supplementary pension, it is also possible to lease.

Are you still studying?

Leasing as a student is only possible if your parents (co) sign the contract.

No negative BKR registration

It is only possible to lease if you do not have a negative BKR registration.

When can I lease a used vehicle as a business owner?

Official registration with the KVK

As long as you are officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce and can prove it.

No negative BKR registration

It is only possible to lease if you do not have a negative BKR registration.

Used car lease without figures

Prefer not to show any figures? Then there are also possibilities. Please contact us!

Can I also make a down payment?

You certainly can! Making a down payment increases the chance of your application being approved. In addition, your monthly lease amount will remain low because you have already paid part of the purchase price in advance. Does the above information not provide sufficient answers? Please contact us, we would like to explore the possibilities together with you and help you find that beautiful car.

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