17 June 2022

Paying for a used car per month

In addition to leasing a new car for private or business purposes, it is also possible for us to pay a used car per month. This brings many benefits, since the value reduction in a car is highest in the first four years. By making use of the lease of a used car, the purchase costs and depreciation costs are kept as low as possible.

Operation of paying a used car per month

We are happy to make it as simple as possible for you. That is why you can exchange your current car with us, the trade-in amount can be used as a down payment. We also make it possible to pay a used car per month with a minimum deposit of 20%. The deposit will be deducted from the total amount. The duration will vary between 12 and 72 months, exactly in line with your wishes and needs. At the end of the term you have paid for the car and then also become your property.

Why choose a used car?

Choosing to pay a used car per month brings many benefits. Among other things, the lower monthly costs compared to a new car. This is due to the less rapid depreciation of the car. The monthly amount only consists of repayment and interest, the car is your property after expiry. Finally, additional options are possible, namely penalty-free early redemption and a 6-month BOVAG guarantee if you choose to make the car roadworthy. The difference with leasing a new car is that all used cars can be delivered directly. The cars can even be delivered to your home. So you can have a car easily and quickly!

Offer used cars

We have a wide range of around 300 used cars. This choice consists of many brands and models from every price range. We welcome you to our showroom in Helmond or Eindhoven!

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