About OccasionLease

OccasionLease was founded as a collaboration between Autodroom Helmond and SDL Automotive. The many years of experience of Autodroom Helmond and the fresh perspective of SDL Automotive ensure an expert view at the lease market. The combination of both companies provides a range of hundreds dealer occasions, trade-in cars and own import cars.  

Autodroom Helmond

With a showroom of 8.000 m2, Autodroom Helmond has a wide range and you probably will find a car that meets your needs! Thanks to the cooperation of various car companies within Autodroom Helmond, a great deal of specialist knowledge is available. Because of this you are able to go to the modern workplace of 1.000 m2 for maintenance and repairs for the most specialized matters.

SDL Automotive

SDL Automotive is a new name in the car industry. A new name with years of experience due to the strong connection with Autodroom Helmond. SDL Automotive is located at the Muzelaan 1 in Eindhoven since December 1, 2017. From that location, the market area is expanded with a range of around 80 used cars from different brands. Also at the location in Eindhoven is a skilled garage established that can take care of maintenance and repair of every occasion.

Leasing with a sharp financing proposal

The knowledge and expertise of both companies ensure that cars are purchased at a competitive rate. For you as a buyer, this ensures that we can offer cars at a competitive financing rate. Even when you are looking for a certain brand with specific options, you can go to OccasionLease. Thanks to our large network, we can deliver almost any car!



Benefits of OccasionLease

Have your car immediately

Car is your property

Residual value car is yours

Delivery at home is possible