Get a car loan

For many people, buying a car is seen as a major expense. Often a loan is taken out to finance the car. There are several options for taking out a loan for your car.

To take out a loan for your car with a personal loan

To take out a loan for your car, you can opt for a personal loan. With this form of borrowing you have to deal with a fixed term. Furthermore, the interest rate remains the same throughout your term. This way you are well informed in advance of the costs that the loan entails. Finally, repaid amounts cannot be withdrawn.

Revolving credit for your car loan

Taking out a loan through revolving credit is suitable when you need more spending room for a long period. You determine the term of your car loan yourself. With this type of loan, the repaid amounts can be withdrawn. However, the interest rate of this form of loan is variable. It is therefore possible that the interest rate may change during your term. The disadvantage of this form is that the loan may still continue when your car is due for replacement.

Not a car loan but a car lease

Another option is not to take out a car loan, but to lease a car. You pay the car per month and you do not have to pay for the car in one go. When you lease a car you have to deal with a fixed term with a fixed interest and monthly amount.  The car is yours at the end of the lease contract.

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