Car financing

Would you like a new car, but don't have enough money for this? Or do you think it is a too large payment to pay in one go? There are several options for financing a car. We are happy to explain what the options are.

Financing through a loan

There are several ways to finance a car. You can choose to take out a loan. You then take out a loan and with that money you buy the car. There are also several options for taking out a loan. For example, a personal loan can be chosen. In this form, there is a fixed term and the interest rate remains the same. Another way of borrowing is by choosing revolving credit. The duration itself is determined and the interest rate is variable.

Opt for leasing as financing for your car

Another option is to choose to lease a car. With OccasionLease it is possible to enter into a financing based on a financial lease. You can lease an occasion both privately and privately. If you choose to finance your car in this way, you are immediately the economic owner. The monthly amount you pay does not include road tax, insurance and maintenance. Your claim-free years will then be saved. Finally, the residual value is for you. OccasionLease makes it possible to deliver the car at home. To be eligible to lease a car, a number of conditions must be met. There you can read if you are eligible to lease an occasion.

Would you like to finance a car through a lease? View the range on our website. If you have any questions, you can contact one of our lease specialists without obligation.