Buy a car with Financial Lease

Buying a car can in many cases be a major expense for you as a private individual or as an entrepreneur. That is why leasing is often an attractive option. In the case of a Financial Lease you not only "rent" the car, but it also becomes your property. Financial Lease is very much like a mortgage with a house, but for cars. If the direct purchase of a (company) car entails too many costs for you, with Financial Lease there are a lot of benefits for you.

The benefits of Financial Lease

Financial Lease ensures that you become the owner of the car immediately. This brings a number of tax benefits. As a business customer you are entitled to reclaim the VAT on the purchase price, provided that it is not a margin car. In addition, you make a purchase without loss of liquidity, so that your business can continue without problems.

Because you are the direct owner, you are completely free in the design of your new company car. So labeling is also permitted. You can also decide in an advantageous month to make an extra payment, which will shorten the payment period. If you have your normal turnover again the following month, you can continue the agreed payment.

More information about Financial Lease?

Do you need more information about the financial leasing of an occasion? Feel free to contact us and ask your question. Our employees respond to your questions as quickly as possible.