Borrow money for a car

You can use a loan when purchasing a car. You can borrow money for a car through two methods. You can opt for a personal loan or you can borrow by means of a revolving credit.

Borrowing personal money for a car

You can borrow money for a car through a personal loan. Banks offer the possibility to take out a personal loan. The interest rate does not change during the term of your loan. Because of this you know exactly where you stand. It is advisable to discuss the conditions, costs and risks when choosing to take out a loan.

Car loan through revolving credit

Another method to borrow money for a car is revolving credit. A revolving credit is suitable if you need more spending room for a longer period. You can re-record the repaid amounts. In this way you determine how long your loan will run. The danger here is that the loan will continue when the car is due for replacement.  The lender may change the interest rate during the term. This means that you cannot estimate in advance how much must be paid during the term of the car loan.

Do not borrow money for a car

Buying a car naturally entails costs. Would you rather not borrow money for a car? Then there is an alternative to still drive your dream car. You can choose to lease a car. You do not have to pay off the high costs in one go. This is repaid with a fixed monthly amount. After the repayment you are the owner of your dream car. View the lease conditions for more information and the offer on the website.

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