Benefits of leasing an occasion

There are many reasons why some drivers would rather lease a second-hand car than buy one. Financial Lease brings a lot of benefits for both individuals and entrepreneurs. Consider, for example, the low investment, or that you immediately become the economic owner. We have reviewed the benefits of an occasion lease and described below.

Why choose an occasion lease?

  • Almost every car decreases in value quickly after purchase. By leasing a (young) used car you avoid that rapid depreciation and you also benefit from a lower monthly amount because the occasion already has a lower selling price.
  • When leasing a used car through a Financial Lease construction you immediately become the economic owner. After payment of the last installment, the car is, as it were, fully paid and your property!
  • You can determine the duration of the lease contract yourself, this varies between 12 and 72 months. However, you may switch to another car of your choice in the meantime. Prematurely terminating the lease contract is possible based on the conditions in the contract.
  • To reduce the monthly amount even further, you can choose to make a higher down payment. This down payment is deducted from the total lease amount, leaving a lower amount. Do you have a car that you want to trade in? Then you could use this amount as a down payment!

Wide range of occasion lease cars

After reading all the benefits, would you also like to lease a second-hand car? At our locations in Helmond and Eindhoven we have a wide range of affordable lease ocassions and a choice of many car brands and models, from BMW tot Audi tot Ford! Wondering if your occasion is among them? Then view our occasion overview and make a lease request. We can also help you further with the search for your perfect occasion lease car. Contact us or view our current range!